Frequently Asked Questions
+How much money can you win?

$1/day minimum.

+How do i get my money if i win?

Money will be in your Math Moola account. You can request a transfer from your wallet and it will be in your PayPal account.

+How long does each game last?

Each game last 1-6days. The fastest 40% of individuals that have answered the math question correctly earn $1. It’s that simple.

+How much money do i need to spend?

It's totally free!

+How hard are the math questions?

Math question consist of 5th grade addition, substation, multiplication and division.

+Can i let someone else play on my account?

YES! if you think your kid can beat other’s time, sure!

+Can there be more than 1 winner?

Yes! top 40% of the fastest time wins.

+How long will the money transfer take?

From 6-12 days.